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Jul. 31st, 2013 02:58 am
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 I didn't forget about this thing, I promise!

It's been a really critical time for Chris and I, and I think we're finally going to get out of Florida soon.  He's got a job interview process in Chicago that is looking really good, and I don't know if he'll get it yet, but I've got faith that this is in the bag for him.  He's too good and knows how to land interviews like a pro.  I kind of think he should coach people on it or something, he really is that good!

Honestly I am scared for if it DOES happen, more than if it doesn't.  I've never lived so far away from my mom.  Across town is still far for me sometimes.  I don't really have a whole lot of friends I would be leaving behind, so I'm not worried about that.  I've never lived in a big city and I've never been in a place that just ... I don't know.  I think I need to give you guys some background on where I actually live so you can see where I'm coming from.

I live in Winter Park, and it's north of Orlando.  A lot of people who are really rich live in Winter Park, and most local corporations are owned by people who live here.  I'm not rich by any means but I live in a decent part (There are very small ghettos here in WP still) and I pay an alright rate for rent.  I live close to my job and I know all of the people who come into my store.  Where I work is very much an area where everyone knows one another and everyone is either a small business owner or an artisan of some sort, but all these people seem to already have money and they do all of this in their spare time.  It boggles my mind that they have time to pursue this sort of thing, but then I remember that they have the means to do it.  Florida is a place you come to live when you already HAVE money, not to make it.  It's hard to start up anything here and while some places have done well for themselves (such as the corporation I work for), they have their own issues that will ultimately ruin them (such as the corporation I work for).

Honestly it just feels so depressing to be here when you see all of these people trying to turn this area into something, and you want to be a part of it and you can't because you don't have that sort of background.  There are stories of people making an amazing living who started with nothing, but I don't believe those stories anymore.  There's nothing about them that I can see here that is left.  There's no legacy of that, no roots, no nothing.  Just a meeting area for people to hawk their shit that they started with somewhere else.

I'm looking into writing jobs in Chicago, but I'll take anything I can start with just to get a foot in the door there.  I hope he gets this job so that we can get out of here.  We both hate this state and feel like it's just draining on our emotions and our ability to just ... live.  We are merely surviving here and it's miserable.

I'm scared and I'm exciting, I'm worried and yet so calm about it, but overall I'm glad that this is finally becoming an option for us.  This is going to be everything we ever wanted and I feel like my life, at 26 and a half years, is finally starting.


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